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    Evidence is growing to show the importance of platelets and their role in atherogenesis, clot formation and clot rupture, Clinical practice acts to reduce platelet activity with aspirin to significantly reduce the chances of a patient suffering serious atherothrombotic vasculare events and death in high-risk patients. But there is a group of patients, where aspirin is not effective, and there are a number of reasons why aspirin fails to help patients resistant to aspirin. Aspirin resistance has become a major treatment problem.

    This means that the mechanism of blood clogging is blocked thus leading to substantially lower number of infractions i.e. heart attacks and strokes. Also statins were found to lower the activity of smooth muscle cells. One of the first steps in the advancement of atherosclerosis is the migration of smooth muscle cells at the points of arterial damage.

    Have you ever considered that you could stop smoking with hypnotherapy? They call them coffin nails for a reason. Smoking isn’t good for you or Advanced CardioRX Reviews those people who live and work around you. The risks are high for cancer, heart disease or other issues because smoking attacks not only the lungs from the inhaled smoke, but the other many additives in the cigarette are toxic. These toxins act against every cell and organ in your body.

    Beer anyone?: Although it is not recommended to start up drinking if its not something you already do, alcohol has been proven to raise HDL ‘good’ cholesterol levels by 10% with 1 or 2 drinks a day.

    I started a low carb diet and ate small frequent meals. I also stopped eating anything after six pm. Even though my alcohol habit consisted of little more than a glass of wine with dinner, I stopped drinking any alcohol.

    “Nothing urgent”, he assured me. Nothing that couldn’t wait until after a spring trip my partner and I were planning to Paris. In fact, none of my doctors expressed any caution about traveling for six weeks out of the country or any urgency regarding any other tests.

    But more important. Missing the diagnosis was extremely dangerous. Angina is as close as you can come to having a heart attack without having one. Angina is a build-up of plague in an artery of the heart – called atherosclerosis – that interferes with blood flow. Angina attacks don’t kill heart muscle but angina is a ticking bomb, ready to set off a heart attack with just the right amount of pressure – from stress, exertion, excitement.

    It seems more important than ever to see oneself as a detective hot on the trail of your own case. Or, a Dorothy who has pulled back the curtain and knows a doctor is just a person, not a god. It’s pretty much a medical fact these days that each doctor who sees you looks from their own particular specialty and that there’s little crossover from one specialty to another. As I heard one cardiologist put it “When you’re a hammer, everything you see is a nail”. Makes it not only good but necessary, I believe, to track your own clues.

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