About NOBE

The National Organization for Business and Engineering (NOBE) mission is to bring together individuals interested in both business and engineering and to integrate these fields into one practice. NOBE will serve as a crossroad and network for the unmet professional, leadership, technological, and entrepreneurial development of these individuals. As a national organization, NOBE will maintain this network and continually build resources to help these individuals meet the constantly evolving demands they will face in today’s business world.

To integrate these fields, NOBE Texas:

  • Explores interesting business-engineering topics to complement classroom learning
  • Provides understanding about what is going on in a fast-paced world (market updates, guest speakers, student panels)
  • Exposes members to opportunities and insights that advance career development (recruiting events, scholarship opportunities, campus activities)

Please check out our Feedback Form if you have suggestions on any changes we should make, any specific fields you want us to explore (petroleum, energy, etc.), or general comments. We make sure to be super receptive to member feedback; members should be the organization’s drivers, so we want to make sure they have the opportunity to do so. Also feel free to contact chapter President Charlie Eikenberg at president@nobetexas.org for any comments or questions.

Benefits of NOBE

NOBE can offer a company a wide variety of opportunities. Most of our members have a unique background combining business and engineering, making them valuable assets as technology has evolved into an important factor in every business decision.

Fall 2018 - Partnership with Longhorn Racing (LHR)

This semester, the Texas Chapter of the National Organization for Business and Engineering (NOBE) will be partnering with Longhorn Racing (LHR), formerly known as Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), to expose members to a more hands-on, project-based engineering organization. By partnering, we will:

  • Introduce NOBE members to a network of collaborative and project-oriented engineers in the pipeline of interaction with LHR
  • Follow a continuous development that we can analyze over the course of the semester
  • Provide an opportunity for NOBE members to fulfill LHR leadership roles (project management, investment management, business proposals)
  • Uphold NOBE’s mission to serve as a resource for on-campus opportunities

By interacting with a more hands-on group, NOBE can analyze the business and engineering concepts implemented by an organization right here on campus. We will follow LHR developments in real time from meeting to meeting, allowing members to comprehend LHR engineering processes and create a network of collaboration.

Any ideas regarding our partnership with Longhorn Racing (LHR) are welcomed and encouraged. Please email NOBE President Charlie Eikenberg with input.