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    <br>By now you know, that to play a quality non gamstop casino you need a proper VPN so the logical question is what is the best casino that allows its users to play with VPN? Mega88 is the only casino that allows players to use VPNs. Most casinos will have some sort of policy towards VPN usage and may restrict your account, so before choosing a casino please ask them on the live chat whether they will accept you with a VPN.<br>
    How Long is Gamstop Self Exclusion Period
    <br>The scheme self exclusion period depends on your choice upon signing up. As UKGC is a responsible gambling tool they allow three different options, six months, 2 years, and 5 years. During that period you will not be able to cancel gamstop and all UKGC licensed online casinos will forbid you to play or have an account with them. There is no option to reverse exclusion so if you have changed your mind and want to play casino you will have to do it in land based operators of non gamban casinos like Mega88.<br>
    How to Stop Gamstop
    <br>During the period the self exclusion program is active, there is no option for exclusion removal, so you will have to wait for the minimum exclusion period to end.<br>
    <br>If you want to play online casinos in foreign gambling operators then you don’t need to wait for the exclusion end, you can just play in casino sites not on Gamban.<br>
    <br>Once the gambling free period is over you will have to contact their customer support, as the scheme will not automatically expire. You have to provide them with the relevant personal data and explain to them that you no longer have gambling problems and want to reopen your casino accounts.<br>
    <br>Let me reemphasize you will not be able to cancel the self exclusion scheme without contacting gamstop representatives. You can contact customer support via email or start a web chat.<br>
    <br>Then the removal process will start, and you will get a further 24 hours cooling off period before UK casino brands are notified.<br>
    Online Gambling Not on Gamstop
    <br>Casinos not on gamban help you to continue gambling if you decide to try your luck on the slots. As the self excluding period is long, players who changed their minds regarding gambling activities can remain active and have fun in the roulettes, baccarat, and poker games.<br>
    <br>Non gamban sites within the United Kingdom, have great customer support and provide interesting bonus promotions. They offer similar if not better software providers of video slots and are a good option until your restriction expires.<br>
    Gamstop Self Exclusion Pros & Cons
    <br>There are some benefits of the self exclusion program, as it promotes responsible gambling and it allows a cooling off period for people that need to stop gambling. It tackles problem gambling behaviour by self excluding those who ask for it. <br>
    <br>If however you change your mind and want to continue gambling, then UK casino operators will not allow you to do so, which is good because problem gamblers can easily stop with all gambling activities.<br>
    <br>There are some drawbacks as well, especially for players who signed by mistake and have to wait for the minimum exclusion period to end before they can start a gamban reversal.<br>
    <br>So there you go, you now know how to cancel Gamstop or to be more precise how to play online casinos during your exclusion period. <br>
    <br>My advice is to stay away from online casinos for some time and then play only after you feel safer and you know that you can play responsibly. Gambling is a serious hobby and you should keep it as such, instead of as a way to earn money as it is not an income.<br>

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