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    Can success be measured? Success is measured by setting predetermined goals and accomplishing them. For example: ‘I will be successful when I have made my first million dollars’, or ‘I will be successful if I come in the top three in the race’, or even ‘our play will be successful if we get a standing ovation’. These are all measurable targets that can be compared year by year as we target our goals.

    When I received the news I was disappointed and even angry. I sulked for a while and found it difficult to be focused on my job. Of course most people were understanding and even told me that what I was doing was “normal”.

    At this first step toward success, 7 Day Prayer Miracle Reviews don’t accept any limits. In reality, the only limits in your life are the ones you set for yourself. Do not allow your self-doubt to cloud your vision.

    Many people struggle with “succeeding” in life for basically one reason. There is a missing ingredient. I will tell you HOW to identify your custom ingredient that will make life exciting, just short of addiction. Then, I will show you how to actually get what you want in life using one very efficient and effective method.

    The most important initial key to riches is to have a dream. Without it, there is no destination to shoot for. There is no purpose. A dream is the same as a vision. It is what you see yourself as in the future; it is what you have successfully become or have successfully accomplished.

    If you have been watching the news lately, you cannot help but realize that the world that we live in these days is becoming more and more fragile by the minute in many areas; job security, financial security, physical security, health issues, family values and so on. All this adds up-to frustrations and stress, unless you are prepared for it by taking control of the main things in your life.

    However, to make a change in life you must believe and become confident about something. The first step in becoming successful is by identifying a course and pursing it confidently, inconsiderate of the stormy challenges.

    In contrast, when you are living a “proactive” life, your days are on course with clear navigation, doing things that will lead you to your Big Ideas, Dreams, and Goals. Being “proactive” about your life is being conscious and thoughtful about how you spend your days. You are queen of your ship, with a well thought out map on where you’re going, what you’re going to do, and with whom you will do it.

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